Montreal cannabis grower hits trifecta with three Health Canada licences

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Montreal-based Great White North Growers Inc. (GWNG) reports applications for cultivation, processing and medical sales licences have been approved by Health Canada, a development that positions the company well, and early, for the developing Quebec market.

“Great White North Growers becomes the first aeroponic facility and only the second company to be fully licensed on the island of Montreal,” notes a statement from the privately held, Quebec-owned national company that produces premium pharmaceutical-grade medical and recreational cannabis flowers and derivatives.

Citing the latest Health Canada: Producer Status Report, GWNG calls the approvals “extremely timely,” noting Quebec currently represents less than 10 percent of licensed producers in Canada, but more than double that percentage of the national population.

Construction is now complete on Phase 1 of the company’s cultivation facility in Ville d’Anjou, a borough of Montreal, the company statement notes. “When Phase 2 is fully built out, the 54,000 sq. ft. facility will be able to produce 17,000 kilograms of cannabis per year,” the press release states.

“The long-term plan is to build a 142,000 sq. ft. facility using a high efficiency, best-in-class vertical growing system, with state of the art climate control (HVAC) and lighting that will produce premium cannabis with innovative and unique strains, colors and terpene profiles,” the statement adds.

GWNG’s founders and management team include Montreal business veterans Peter Schissler, who serves as president, and George Goulakos, George Desypris, PhD and legacy grower Kris Love, who has 25-plus years of experience and will lead the company’s cultivation team.

The company’s goal “is to become an innovative and leading producer serving Quebec, the rest of Canada and emerging International markets,” GWNG reports, aided by an experienced and skilled labour force and the most competitive prices for water and electricity in Canada.

Schissler’s expectation is that more than 150 full-time positions will be created.

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