Ontario golf course plans to be first cannabis themed course in Canada

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A Canadian golf course is making golf greener than ever.

Rolling Greens, a golf course in Lombard, near Smith’s Falls, will give golfers the chance to enjoy a round of golf while enjoying cannabis on the green.

Director of Entertainment at Rolling Greens Gordon Weiske told sources that the organization is calling itself “Canada’s first cannabis-themed golf and entertainment destination.”

“When legalization was announced, we looked at how to approach this,” said Weiske. “Everybody wants to be a licensed grower or seller, so we thought, ‘why don’t we look after the tourist and entertainment market?’ We thought a great concept would be a golf course. You’ve got 164 acres, go out and enjoy yourself.”

The course was previously called Lombard Glen Golf and Country Club but was purchased and rebranded just two months ago. Despite a lot of strict rules surrounding cannabis across the country, golf courses are currently one of the spaces where the organization can create their own rules, making it possible for Rolling Greens, and other golf courses, to allow smoking cannabis on-site if they wish.

“The rules are you can enjoy cannabis wherever smoking is allowed. We’re not changing anything. But a lot of golf courses were banning it or telling people not to do it. We’re the first ones to say, ‘You know what? Come and roll with us.” We’ll be the greenest golf course in Canada. We play by the federal and provincial laws. Right now it’s BYOB (Bring your own Bud).”

Though the cannabis-theme itself is sure to draw interested crowds, Rolling Greens intends to be much more than just a golf course where you can smoke cannabis.

“We’re going to be like the Las Vegas of cannabis,” Weiske said. “We’re expanding the 164 acres to have an age-gated, 19+ entertainment park where there’ll be mini-putt, there’ll be virtual reality games, there will probably be a drive-in movie theater. Like, we’ve got room to expand. The golf course is just one part of it.”

The course also plans on partnering with licensed producers who will be able sponsor and create a theme for their own hole on the course.

Rolling Greens will host their soft launch on April 20th, where people will be able to hit the course for the first time since the rebrand. They plan to have bigger launch events in the months to follow.

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