Here's what a cannabis concierge can offer canna-tourists

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Cannabis tourism has become huge in states where the substance is now legal for recreational use, writes Calvin Hughes. However, the trend's popularity doesn't necessarily mean it's easy to touch down in a city like Denver or San Fransisco and get right into the local marijuana culture. Since cannabis laws vary from state to state - and even individual cities within a state - figuring out your destination's rules and regs can be daunting. That's where a cannabis concierge service comes in, says Heidi Keyes - President of Colorado Cannabis Tours.

"Basically, we're setting you up to make sure you not only get the most out of your cannabis vacation, but that you're doing it safely, legally, and easily," Keyes told The Fresh Toast.

Services like Keyes' aren't only great for helping you figure out what weed to smoke and where to buy it. They can also provide a wealth of information on key details, like where it's OK to have a puff.

"Even if cannabis is recreationally legal in the place you're traveling to, be aware that public consumption is not legal, and every state has different regulations on how much you can buy and where you can smoke. Most hotels are not cannabis-friendly, so be aware of smoking fines. The quickest way to ruin a vacation is a $500 fee for smoking a joint in your room!"

And of course there is so much more to a city's cannabis culture than just smoking up. They're also there to help you check out the local sites and popular attractions. As Lauren Mindell—founder of the Colorado-based cannabis concierge service Hi-Curious—says, a good concierge should make sure travelers "feel more local than tourist."

"If you want to go beyond consumption and actually learn about the culture, industry and the laws, it's challenging to do on your own."

And hey, vacation days are a precious thing and traveling is expensive, so you should always look for ways to make the most of your trip.

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