Manitoba to be home for what’s expected to be world’s largest indoor organic hemp CBD producer

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Global CBD industry expected to grow exponentially around the world in the next few years.

Botanist Organic Growers Corp. has purchased of Pineland Forest Nursery from the Province of Manitoba with a view to will converting the space to become what is being called the largest indoor organic hemp CBD producer in the world.

The property covers more than approximately 121 hectares and includes 300,000-plus sq. ft of greenhouse and research facilities, notes a press release from Botanist Organic Growers, a privately held company that has plans to produce high-quality organic hemp indoors for CBD extraction and co-founded by former Winnipegger.

Some of the current space will immediately start being used by Botanist Organic Growers, “with the first crop in production in the months ahead,” Botanist Organic Growers reports. While the first crops will be produced using indoor greenhouse facilities, allowing the company to more easily offer a fully organic product, “eventually, the company plans to expand production to the surrounding fields and anticipates working with area farmers for additional production in the future.”

The expectation is Botanist Organic Growers will hire up to 200 people over the next three years, “while investing tens of millions in developing the enterprise into a complete seed-to-sale company. The company will operate cultivation, extraction and research facilities and will also employ personnel in marketing, sales and management roles.”

“It’s very satisfying to bring this level of investment back to my home province,” says Duncan Gordon, chair and co-founder of Botanist Organic Growers. “We identified this facility and Manitoba as an ideal location from which to lead the CBD industry. It’s rare to find such a large and excellent greenhouse operation ready to go,” Gordon continues.

“The global CBD industry is still new, but is expected to grow exponentially around the world in the next few years. Our goal is to make Manitoba at the centre of that international expansion,” says Jeremy Towning, company CEO and co-founder. “We look forward to engaging local growers, businesses and educational institutions to expand our operation and revolutionize this promising industry,” Towning notes.

“Cannabidiols have been the subject of a growing body of research in recent years showing its amazing potential to offer pain relief and treat epilepsy, inflammation and some other disorders such as anxiety,” the company statement adds.

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