Is it better to grow marijuana indoor or outdoor?

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When marijuana was first grown thousands of years ago, it was done outdoors and received plenty of natural sunlight from Mother Nature herself. Things would stay the same for many centuries when it came to growing marijuanaplant a seed and let it grow. However, things have taken a drastic change once cannabis was outlawed. This meant that people had to make their marijuana growing activities discreet by growing them indoors.

Staying out of sight was the new M.O. (modus operandi) for those who were still hooked on growing cannabis. Natural sunlight was now being replced with glow lights, and the outdoor environment where cannabis once grew on so freely for thousands of years had now been replaced with closets, attics, basements and spare bedrooms.

Cannabis farmers were now free to manipulate their environments once they began growing their stashes indoors. Instead of relying on the constantly changing outdoor conditions, they now had the power to give their plants the best possible environment that would allow them to really thrive.

With the cannabis industry experiencing plenty of exponential growth over the last two decades, the technology used to help growers harvest the finest crops has also improved as well. Ambitious growers aren’t the only ones who are constantly debating between growing marijuana indoors or growing it outdoors. Industry veterans who want to get the very best from their harvests also find this to be an important subject, too.

You Get More Control Over Your Environment When Growing indoors

One major benefit of growing cannabis indoors is the ability to control and manipulate the environment. With an indoor garden, you will have complete control over the temperature, light, CO2 production, and humidity. You will even be able to provide your plants with plenty of protection from the elements. Indoor growers will be able to harvest cannabis that is rich in THC.

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However, there is a drawback to growing indoors regardless of how perfect your plants turn out. While being able to control light intensity is a good thing, there is nothing that can truly replicate the power that natural sunlight has and its ability to make plants produce high yields. Yes, you will have a lot of perfectly looking plants when you grow indoors, but the yields are considerably lower compared to cannabis that is grown outdoors.

Quality of Indoor Cannabis vs Outdoor Cannabis

There has always been this notion that marijuana grown indoors is superior in quality compared to the ones grown outdoors. Growing indoors gives growers control over the environment which can produce perfect plants. Your cannabis won’t have to worry about any rain, snow or hail to bother them whenever you grow them indoors. This results in cannabis that is bursting with strong aroma and flavor profiles.

This is the reason why most people believe indoor cannabis to be better in quality. Plants grown outdoors have to contend with the elements which can cause them to look less pleasing to the eye once they mature. However, their effects should be the same as indoor cannabis as long as growers provide them with the nutrients and attention that they need. The flavor and aroma should also be the same as that of indoor plants if the growers invest the time to have their products properly cured.

Another thing to consider when growing indoors is the number of pesticides used to keep pests away. While you have a more pristine growing environment indoors, pests will also have a place where they can cause plenty of damage. Without their natural predators like wasps, ladybugs, and ants, mites and other pests will flourish more than ever in an indoor environment.

There are many growers who want to raise their plants organically without having to use pesticides, so they simply choose to raise their crops outdoors instead.

The Price of Indoor and Outdoor Growing

While many aspiring cannabis growers may find growing indoors to be the more viable option, it can also be quite heavy on the budget. Both indoor and outdoor ventures have expensive startups, but the cost of the latter far outweighs that of the former. You will have to spend at least $2000 for a 6x6 grow space in an indoor setup depending on the kind of equipment you purchase.

There is also the added cost of electricity to power up your light sources. Depending on your area’s utility costs, this can cost you up to $1000 or more. If you prefer to grow your weed in a smaller space, investing in a grow tent will get you started on the right foot.

A grow tent measuring 2x2x5 can hold up to 4 plants grown in 1 to 3-gallon plants. You will end up saving more on your utility bills, but your cannabis yield will be lower as a result. Grow tent kits cost less than $1000 and are a good investment that you can bring along with you wherever you go.

Growing them outdoors also requires a substantial amount of money to start up, but the maintenance costs will be lower. The electricity that you pay for will instead be replaced by the natural sunlight provided by Mother Nature. Outdoor harvests also produce significantly higher yields than indoor ones.


So which method of growing your cannabis is better? Both have their pros and cons, so as a cannabis grower you should educate yourself and know which method would work best for you. Remember that what works for one grower won’t necessarily work for someone else.

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