Supreme Cannabis could soon have cannabis distribution in eight Canadian provinces

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7ACRES, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc., could soon join an exclusive group of licensed producers in the country with its move to supply cannabis to both New Brunswick and Saskatchewan.

7ACRES “has entered into a supply agreement with the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation to supply recreational cannabis to its retail stores and has been registered as a supplier in the province of Saskatchewan,” notes a press release from Supreme Cannabis, a Canadian publicly traded company committed to providing premium brands and products.

If both agreements are realized, 7ACRES will join “an exclusive group of licensed producers with recreational distribution in eight or more provinces,” it states. Currently, 7ACRES provides cannabis in B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia and PEI.

“We’re excited to announce that 7ACRES-branded products will be available for adult-use in eight Canadian provinces coast-to-coast,” says CEO Navdeep Dhaliwal. “Our company has made it a priority to expand 7ACRES’ domestic distribution so that more Canadians will be able to experience our High-End Cannabis products,” Dhaliwal adds.
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