These bath bombs infuse your tub with CBD

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If overcrowded restaurants, overpriced adjectives, and barely audible conversation aren’t exactly your idea of a romantic night, spending Valentines night in may be quite the attractive alternative for you, writes Tess Barker. Just because you and your significant other are looking to avoid the madhouse that can be V-Day, doesn’t mean you can’t do something special. Find a recipe you’re both curious about, make a personalized playlist, and unwind together with a product like Hot Mess CBD bath bombs from Hot Mess Kushmetics.

The+Source Hot Mess Kushmetics Bath Bombs

What’s fun about these bath bombs is that they come in candy-inspired scents like Sugar High, so they feel like a festive way to celebrate without actually blowing through an entire box of chocolates (not that we’re judging if you do that too). They’re also packaged attractively in gift boxes full of wrapping confetti.

“I’ve never been a huge fan of the way that bath bombs are traditionally packaged,” explained Heather Vanek - owner of Hot Mess Kushmetics. “Some bath bombs are not packaged at all (naked) and personally, I don’t want to bathe in something that I know other customers have personally handled and put up to their noses. Others are shrink-wrapped in plastic. I felt like our bath bombs needed something a little more special. Putting our bath bombs in a box is like wrapping a present and everyone loves opening presents!”

That means you can surprise your partner by sticking a note to the box, and suggesting that you both hit the tub to unwind before dinner.

Though the bath bombs contain no THC, they pack a sizeable dose of CBD — 50 mg, and it’s definitely enough to make you feel noticeably more mellow after a good soak.

“Bath bombs are among the most effective CBD-only products," Tony Robertson - Floor Advisor and Manager at The+Source, where Hot Mess bath bombs are sold - told Civilized. "A warm bath opens up the pores, allowing for more transdermal diffusion. That, combined with the surface area of your body touching the CBD-infused water, presents a lot of opportunity for the CBD to get through the skin.”

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Kushmatics recommends soaking for at least 20 minutes in order to maximize the effects of the bath bombs, which can be a great time for you and your partner to unwind from the day and prepare mentally and physically for a romantic night in.

The most noticeable effect of the bath bombs is that they make you feel extremely relaxed (without some of the lethargy that sometimes comes with products that contain THC). This calm sensation may be an aggregate result of the CBD, the warm bath water, and the other essential oils in the product. The High Jump scent, for example, is infused with lavender and eucalyptus oils. Studies have shown that the ability to relax is related to sex drive, so this is the perfect way for you and your partner to kick off your V-Day festivities.

Of course, you don't need to have a partner in order to celebrate Valentine's Day, and these bath bombs can be a lovely treat for anyone looking to spend the night indulging in a little “me time.” CBD offers a myriad of benefits beyond relaxation, and anyone looking for relief from ailments including migraines, muscle aches, and menstrual pain may want to consider using a bath bomb for relief. If you’ve used topical CBD lotions for aches and pains, the bath bomb delivery method may offer even more powerful results.

“A lotion simply won't touch the same amount of real estate as bathwater,” explained Robinson. “The warm water allows the CBD to enter your system more effectively than when infused in a lotion.”

Hot Mess Kushmetics bath bombs are available for purchase online at their website.

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