New line of advanced skincare aimed at addressing acne, eczema, itch and rash revealed

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Abacus Health Products, Inc. has launched an advanced skincare line within its CBDMEDIC family of products—which targets the consumer market—to help treat acne, eczema, and itch and rash.​

Including ointments, creams and facial cleansers, the four topical products use U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “monograph active pharmaceutical ingredients, cannabinoids and [is] formulated with natural and organic ingredients,” notes a statement from Abacus.

“We are tremendously proud to introduce the latest skincare products in our line of innovative topical treatments,” CEO Perry Antelman says in a statement from the company, which is engaged in developing and commercializing over-the-counter, FDA-registered topical medications containing organic and natural ingredients, including CBD.

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Citing information from Grand View Research, Abacus reports the market for acne treatment was estimated to be US$1.4 billion in 2018, while eczema “is one of the most common skin conditions affecting more than 30 million” people in the U.S.

The company continues to focus on establishing strong relationships with retail pharmacy, as well as mass and grocery store markets, to support distribution and sales, the company statement notes.

Abacus “expects to start selling through these channels in 2019, with the retail pharmacy channel being a key distribution channel and driver of sales,” the statement adds.

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