Canndescent’s new accessories aimed at transforming cannabis vaping into a luxury experience

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Canndescent is looking to redefine vaping with the launch of the company’s Stylus series, a family of vape accessories and ultra-pure oils.

The first launch—which took place Jan. 28, 2019—debuted a rechargeable accessory and its matching cartridges in the company’s five signature effects: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge, notes a statement from Canndescent, a California-based cultivator that, in 2018, was the state’s top-selling brand of luxury flower products.

The series marries innovation, cannabis quality and design, the vape series “immediately announces itself as a bespoke experience and pampers consumers with thoughtful details, including an elegant cap to protect the mouthpiece from dust and debris,” the company reports. “From gold-plated contacts and soft-touch finishes to a magnetic pairing system and labeled cartridges, Stylus fuses form and function,” it adds.

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“We conceived Stylus to inspire consumers to write their story and transform their lives. For this to happen, the product must invigorate the five senses from the moment they see its silhouette, feel its velvety weight, smell its bouquet, taste its essence, and ultimately exhale with a renewed outlook,” says Canndescent CEO Adrian Sedlin.

The launch of the series’ rechargeable battery and ultra-premium cartridges will be unveiled during a private event in the heart of Hollywood—attended by Chelsea Handler, celebrated comedian and long-time cannabis advocate—on Feb. 9, 2019.

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