fbpx P.E.I. Cannabis tops country in marijuana sales per capita

P.E.I. Cannabis tops country in marijuana sales per capita

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In the first six weeks of marijuana legalization Prince Edward Island had the highest per capita legal sales in the country, and P.E.I. Cannabis is taking that as a sign it's getting something right.

Statistics Canada added cannabis stores to its retail sales figures in November.

The report released last week shows P.E.I. Cannabis stores sold $2.1 million worth of product in the first six weeks of opening. That's $17.22 for every Islander aged 19 and over. The next highest per capita spending was in Nova Scotia, at $13.80 per capita.

Manitoba sales were not included in the report.

P.E.I. Cannabis director of operations Zach Currie likes what he sees in the report.

"It's important to recognize these numbers are not a depiction of per capita consumption levels," said Currie.

The report measures legal sales only, and Currie sees in the numbers of that P.E.I. Cannabis is having some success in its goal of being the preferred supplier for Islanders.

P.E.I. Cannabis has worked hard to maintain supply, says Zach Currie. (Steve Bruce/CBC)

While he acknowledged the Crown corporation has had some supply problems, it has had more success than some other jurisdictions in keeping product on the shelves.

"We've worked very hard to ensure the continuity of supply through that legal, licit framework," he said.

That continuity of supply, as well as relatively easy access to four stores in the province, are factors in the success of P.E.I. Cannabis, said Currie.

Seeds now available​

P.E.I. Cannabis began selling seeds two weeks ago.

There are currently only two varieties available, both from Canopy Growth.

Pre-rolls have proven to be a popular product. (P.E.I. Cannabis)

P.E.I. Cannabis is not providing growing information with the seeds, but Currie said staff are trained and happy to answer questions.

He hopes to offer more varieties as they become available, though "a lot of our licensed producers are not selling [seeds] at present," Currie said.

Pre-rolls and edible oils have been two of the more popular products at the stores. Currie said that matches with market research that was done by P.E.I. Cannabis before the stores opened.

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