Alcohol-removed, cannabis-infused craft beer a first for California

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High Style Brewing Company’s recently launched non-alcohol, cannabis-infused, pale ale-inspired craft brew is scheduled to soon be available in licensed dispensaries across California, with rapid expansion to all legal markets.

First launched at the March and Ash dispensary in San Diego on Dec. 31, 2018, each 12-oz. (about 355 ml) bottle of Coastal Haze is infused with 10 mg of high-quality THC extract, notes a statement from High Style Brewing Company, a privately held limited liability company headquartered in San Diego.

Inspired by pale ale recipes and craft-brewed using Cascade and Amarillo hops, the initial offering is described in the company statement as “crisp and refreshing,” with notes of citrus and tropical fruit and has just 50 calories.

“A one- to two-hour delay from consumption to onset of effects was unacceptable to us. We believe that our consumers deserve a ‘self-regulating’ product, where they know by the time they finish their first High Style whether or not their individual tolerance will allow them to responsibly have another,” says company COO Lyden Henderson.

High Style will bring a version of Coastal Haze with five mg of THC and five mg of CBD in the first quarter of 2019 and “is experimenting with various recipes to determine what style of beer will inspire their next release,” the statement points out.

“We want to thank the California Department of Health and Bureau of Cannabis Control for their communication and guidance in helping us bring the first state-certified product in this new category to California,” Henderson says. “The reception and feedback we received at our launch event were phenomenal,” he notes, adding the dispensary sold out of its initial order that night.

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