Indiva invests in RetailGo Inc.

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Indiva Limited has announced the company has completed a 9.9 percent equity investment into RetailGo Inc. (RGI), a modern operator of cannabis shops that provides sensor installation and data interpretation services.

The deal means Indiva will contribute leases for 10 proposed retail locations in Ontario, reports the company, a supplier of high-quality, medical-grade cannabis and cannabis products that have a positive impact, improving lives and communities.

In exchange, Indiva will receive a five-year promissory note in the amount of $730,000, plus another $300,000 to be repaid separately, representing funds committed to date.

RetailGo will be managed by Koby Smutylo, who has resigned from his position as COO and director of Indiva, effective immediately, to focus his efforts on RGI, the Indiva statement notes.

“As marijuana laws liberalize in Canada and internationally, Indiva will expand its product offering to include safe edibles and other client-friendly cannabis products,” the company reports. As well, as cannabis laws liberalize, “Indiva will use its Canadian operations as a platform to open new markets for its cannabis products.”

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