Medical marijuana rules making it hard for some to buy

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Michigan's medical marijuana rules have changed again and that has some of you frustrated. We heard from News 10 viewers who are suddenly having a hard time finding a place to buy it legally in Lansing.

As of January 1, 2019, it's no longer acceptable for any dispensary to be in business without both a state and local license. And that means the number of options in the capital city just got slashed.

Right now only two medical marijuana shops in Lansing have both licenses, HG Lansing on Oakland Avenue and Cannaisseur on North East Street.

Nine others have city licenses but are still waiting for state approval. They run the risk of getting rejected for a state license if they stay open during the process.

Patients told News 10 the wait makes it harder to get their medicine especially when the two legal shops close for the day.

The city doesn't have a solution right now expect to refer to the original plan that was part of the ballot proposal the legalized medical marijuana, which is to find a licensed caregiver who's allowed to grow up to 12-plants for five different patients.

Another option is recreational weed which is now legal in Michigan. It can only be given as a gift, it can't be sold in stores or person-to-person yet.

That will take another long licensing and regulation process.

The deadline, for medical marijuana dispensaries to get a state and local licenses, was pushed back four times in 2018 before it finally took effect on January 1, 2019.

You can find a map online showing licensed pot shops in Michigan.

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