A Las Vegas dispensary just sold the most expensive marijuana product ever

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When people go to Las Vegas, they expect to lose money whether it's through gambling or restaurants or clubs or anything else the city offers. But one person decided their trip to Vegas was not complete without dropping five figures on a blunt, writes Joseph Misulonas

Los Angeles restaurant owner Brandon Hawkins spent $11,000 on a cannagar (a cigar with marijuana in it) at the Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace, a giant cannabis dispensary owned by a Native American tribe located just outside of Las Vegas. The cannagar was coated in 24-karat gold leaf, which contributed to the costly price tag. The $11,000 cannagar is believed to be the most expensive marijuana product ever sold, eclipsing a $10,000 cannagar sold in Seattle last June. 

Hawkins said he wanted something special to help celebrate New Year's Eve.

"I’ve always been a proponent of the industry and I’m happy that it has come this far,” Hawkins said.

A tribal member of the Las Vegas Paiutes, the tribe that owns the Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace, said that products like Hawkins cannagar will become commonplace in Las Vegas lounges in a few years.

“This is what marijuana table service will look like in Las Vegas,” said tribal member Benny Tso.

Yeah, but just imagine how many hands of blackjack he could've lost with that $11,000!

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