After one week, the number of medical marijuana cards in Ohio is over 1,000

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On Monday the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy announced the number of people in the state who received an activated medical marijuana card after opening up the patient and caregiver registry.

After accepting patient registrations for one week, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program totaled 1,948 recommendations in the registry, which is an online portal where physicians with a certificate to recommend medical marijuana can register patients and caregivers.

Out of those with a recommendation, the state says 1,062 activated their registry card.
These are the steps to be able to buy medical marijuana:
  1. A doctor certified to recommend medical marijuana can enter a patient onto the list
  2. After the state confirms who they are, patients and caregivers will get a Patient and Caregiver Registry Card
  3. Patients will eventually get medical marijuana from dispensaries, once they open
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