New Missouri medical marijuana law takes effect Thursday

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Marijuana and Missouri. The two take a huge step forward Wednesday when the state's new medical marijuana law goes into effect.

Here's the deal.

If you have cancer, HIV, epilepsy or many other disorders, you'll be able to legally access the drug.

But that doesn't mean you'll be getting legal marijuana Wednesday.

The law takes effect Wednesday, kicking off a list of deadlines.

No later than June 4th, the state health department needs to make applications available, so you have something you can take to a doctor and get signed.

Thirty days after that, so no later than July 4th, they have to start accepting applications.

Then they have 30 days to either issue you a patient card or reject your application. If the state goes to the last minute, and you jump on right away, you’re looking at August 3rd.

A spokesman for the group that put this on the ballot says the amendment protects you from getting arrested for possession during that 30-day period, If you can show that you applied and are just waiting for an answer.

The state has broad authority for creating rules and regulations, but he says the yes or no on issuing a card should be pretty simple.

The form would have a doctor specify which condition qualifies you for medical marijuana and sign it.

The only rejection would be if the person signing is not a state licensed physician, like if it was a chiropractor or a nurse practitioner, then you’d be rejected.

Speaking of doctors, that’s the one thing that actually does take effect tomorrow.

Doctors can start discussing pot with you and not risk losing their license.

The amendment provides that protection explicitly.

If you're curious, Missouri is the 31st state to approve medical marijuana.

Researchers estimate more than $100 million worth of it could be sold annually.

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