Canadian cannabis customers upset over mould found on products

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RedeCan first received a complaint about moldy marijuana on Nov. 18. The customer had purchased a strain called “B.E.C” online through the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Since the first complaint, at least four other customers have also come forward with photos and complaints about mould on their cannabis which has caused a lot of attention on social media. RedeCan released a statement Thursday addressing the issue and said that this is the only time the company has had an issue since becoming a legal, medical marijuana producer in 2014. They are addressing the issue and asking that customers return the product.

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“RedeCan is voluntarily requesting the return, not only of Lot B.E.C. 4B2L3, but of all of units of the B.E.C. brand, being every lot of the strain that is has shipped,” the company said in a release. “We will be working with OCS on the logistics of how to best do this, and we will make a further announcement in this regard.”

The company will inspect the 7,400 affected bottles along with Health Canada.

“At RedeCan, we are devoted to producing high quality cannabis products. Not only do we accept that we have a responsibility to comply with Industry Standards relating to the production and distribution of cannabis products, but we strive actively to exceed expectation in this regard,” the company said.

“One complaint is too many. And if there’s a problem we will fix it,” the company said. In addition to dealing with complaints of mould, another RedeCan customer believes he found something else in his order. 

In a video on a site that reviews strains, Mark, who wishes not to have his last name revealed, pointed out tiny little black spots that were apparent all over the buds, which he said indicates insects.

“It looks like each and every single one of them has bugs in it,” he said. RedeCan has since responded however saying that the black spots are not bugs but instead are “protein carbohydrates introduced to the cannabis during the production process”, according to CTV News. 

“There are no dead bugs in RedeCan product. There are no holes that have been burrowed by insects,” the company said.

The company said that their products each undergo irradiation and are tested rigorously by third-parties before being packed, sealed and shipped to the Ontario Cannabis Store. They said that they will work with the Ontario Cannabis Store to investigate the mould issue.

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