fbpx 5 of the best marijuana-friendly travel destinations (besides Colorado, obviously)

5 of the best marijuana-friendly travel destinations (besides Colorado, obviously)

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Colorado will forever be the first state in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana, but as more states and countries follow suit the possibilities for traveling with bud are blooming.

If you're itching to visit new and exciting destinations but want to do make sure that you can engage in cannabis culture while doing so, take a look through this list of marijuana-friendly travel destinations.

  1. California
    California recently legalized recreational marijuana, attracting more visitors than ever. Any of the beaches along the west coast make the perfect spot to light up and relax in the sun. In urban centers like L.A., you can even frequent establishments like the Hitman Coffee Shop or Alchemy Lounge to drink coffee, smoke marijuana, and relax indoors. With policies in place like one that dictates a compliance with certain regulations for all products cultivated after Jan. 1 2018, California is not a free for all in terms of marijuana. However, if you find the right spots and play by the rules you can have a great time.


  1. Alaska
    You can stay in the U.S. but still venture off the mainland by visiting Alaska for your marijuana recreational needs. Cannabis was made legal in 2014 by a ballot initiative, but it is still illegal to smoke it outdoors. Cities like Anchorage have not yet made many indoor cannabis-friendly spaces like Los Angeles, but all you have to do is find the accommodations that allow marijuana consumption. You can then enjoy the wonders of Alaskan nature at your leisure.


  1. Jamaica
    As a country famous for its marijuana-friendly culture, Jamaica is the ideal vacation spot for anyone looking to partake while relaxing on sandy beaches. Famous beaches, such as Montego Bay, offer close proximity to a city and the local Jamaican culture as well as unparalleled ocean views. When at the beach, 60% of Americans prefer relaxing over-exercising, and what better way is there to take in the seaside scenery than with the assistance of a little bud?


  1. Uruguay
    The use and possession of cannabis were legalized in Uruguay in 2014, and legal marijuana cultivation is now thriving in the South American county. Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, has a quiet and artsy quaintness that is perfect for anyone looking to explore a new city. You can find affordable rentals in the city for your stay that are just a short distance from the city's best galleries, museums, and nightlife. And if the beach is calling your name, you can hop on a short bus ride to the sandy shores.


  1. Portugal
    Nearly two decades ago, Portugal decriminalized all drugs. Even better, this European country is filled with beautiful cities and breathtaking beaches. Portugal's southernmost region, the Algarve, holds longs stretches of sandy shores lines with green pines and ochre cliffs. The region gets 300 days of sunshine a year and waters that are most often warm and calm, making it the perfect spot to escape from the world and relax.

While Colorado was the go-to destination for years, there are many more options for cannabis-enthusiasts around the world. Book a plane, pack your bags, and get to traveling.

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