Canada: Half of Cannabis NB’s shops didn’t open their doors Monday

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As retailers across Canada are plagued with cannabis shortages, the province of New Brunswick has not been immune. Cannabis NB did not open half of their retail stores on Monday because of supply issues.

Cannabis NB is the sole retailer of legal marijuana in the province and of their 20 available location, 10 were unable to open on Monday due to a stock shortage over the weekend before Monday and Tuesday’s deliveries.

“[This weekend] we only had to close the one store for a few hours, and another store for a day,” said Marie-Andrée Bolduc, a spokesperson for Cannabis NB in an email to Global News.

Cannabis NB said that these closures need to happen in order to receive and stock new inventory. “We understand this is not an ideal situation for customers, however in order to keep offering a positive, effective customer service, we want to make sure we have at least a variety of products to offer to our customers,” Bolduc said.

“We expect supply levels to eventually normalize, however, the demand is consistent, and supply is a challenge.”

The ten stores that did not open include:

  • Fredericton Woodside
  • Fredericton Brookside
  • Oromocto
  • Bathurst
  • Miramichi
  • Campbellton
  • Edmunston
  • Wyse St. Moncton
  • Main St. Moncton
  • Lansdowne Saint John

Cannabis NB reportedly had ordered enough product but had only received up to 30 percent of what they ordered due to supply and logistical issues.

The closure of stores in New Brunswick is just one example of how shortages have affected retailers across the country. Supply across Canada is limited which is arguably due to the federal government taking too long to approve more growers. Consumers can expect for this trend to continue until issues across the supply chain are fixed.

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