Utah state lawmaker films himself trying marijuana ahead of vote on legalization

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Utah state Sen. Jim Dabakis (D) shared a video of himself trying marijuana for the first time ahead of a vote on legalizing medical cannabis in the state. Dabakis said he drove to Las Vegas, where the drug is legal, and consumed an edible gummy bear from a dispensary, which he described as “a little bit bitter” but “nothing to get worked up about.”

“I wouldn’t recommend it as sheer candy,” the Salt Lake City lawmaker said in the video, posted to Facebook and first highlighted by local CBS affiliate KUTV. Dabakis said that he thought it was important for lawmakers to try marijuana before they “change all the laws.”

“I think, maybe nobody [in the Utah Senate] has ever smoked marijuana,” Dabakis said. “I think if the Legislature would actually try it they would find it and realize this is no big deal, and at least let those who are suffering have the help that they need.”

Dabakis said that he has “never tasted, smoked, eaten [or] shot up” marijuana in his life. He also pointed out that his trip to Las Vegas did not cost any taxpayer dollars. Utah's medical marijuana initiative, Proposition 2, would legalize medical marijuana for individuals with qualifying conditions.

Support for the bill dropped significantly earlier this month, slipping to just 51 percent support and 46 percent opposition, according to a Salt Lake Tribune/Hinckley poll. Overall support for legalizing marijuana has grown in the U.S., hitting an all time high of 66 percent this week.

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