The cannabis brand aiming to solve America's $400 billion sleeping problem

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By 2050, Americans are expected to spend a projected $52 billion on sleep aids, marking an exponential increase from the $41 billion spent on sleep remedies in 2015.

These staggering statistics largely stem from the fact that an estimated 20% of Americans suffer from a sleep disorder, while 35% fail to register the recommended 7 hours of sleep needed for the body to feel rested. This percentage spikes significantly for teenagers, with 92% receiving less than 6 hours of sleep nightly. Consequently, despite advancements in pharmaceutical medicine, enhancements in bedding materials and design, along with a wide range of natural practices for calming the body — sleep deprivation costs the United States an astounding $411 billion each year.

Noticing an undeniable need in a rapidly emerging market, serial entrepreneur Blake Ricciardi set out to create the answer to a massive problem plaguing millions of Americans across generations.

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Founded in 2018, Zzz Natural is the first cannabis brand entirely dedicated to helping people get better sleep. The idea was initially inspired by his ow personal struggle attempting to get ample rest, withstanding years of trying several traditional remedies with minimal success. Searching for a natural alternative, Ricciardi toured countless marijuana dispensaries and failed to find an effective solution. More notably, he observed that each dispensary recommended a very different stand of cannabis, exposing the lack of a proven fix for what providers categorized as their most popular inquiry.

Consisting of an all-natural proprietary cannabis formula, Zzz Natural’s flagship product is a disposable vape pen. Each cartridge contains a mixture of sleep-inducing terpenes and botanical extracts that include lavender, mango and chamomile. The company’s formula was intentionally developed for the purpose of helping users fall asleep quickly and enjoy hours of rest without suffering from common side-effects such as grogginess.

Teaming up with Green Street, the leading brand marketing and creative agency in the cannabis space, Ricciardi leveraged his lifestyle marketing experience scaling streetwear giant Popular Demand with the agency’s established track record for adding a disruptive spark to the market. As the cannabis industry continues expanding, with an increasing number of states anxiously awaiting federal legalization, Green Street added entrepreneur and acclaimed growth hacker Gary Vaynerchuk as a strategic partner. Announcing his involvement as an investor, purchasing 50% of the marketing firm, Green Street is finishing the development of a 7-story facility in Los Angeles that they hope will become the hub for Cannabis culture in Southern California.

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