The Greater Cannabis Company files additional patent to further protect proprietary cannabinoid delivery system

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The Greater Cannabis Company, Inc. (OTC: GCAN) (“the Company”), a biotechnology company focused on development and manufacturing of innovative delivery systems for the Cannabis market, today announced that it has filed an additional patent to further protect its proprietary Eluting Transmucosal Patch (ETP) platform. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has accepted the filing entitled, Oral Dissolving Film for Rapid and Sustained Release and Delivery of Cannabinoids, and as of September 27, 2018 has issued the Company a priority application number of US 62/737,153. The Company’s ETP technology has a unique mode of action, which allows for both a rapid onset of delivery, as well as a controlled slow and sustained release of drug actives over several hours. The eluting patch technology allows the proprietary thin film to firmly attach to the oral mucosa while being non-irritating and unnoticeably thin. Upon administration in the oral cavity, the eluting patch can release different cannabinoids at different dosages and rates depending on the desired effect.

“We are rapidly building our intellectual property portfolio surrounding our innovative and proprietary technology. We believe we have several points of difference with our ETP platform, which are novel and will offer greater economic and desired effects for the industry”, said Aitan Zacharin CEO of Greater Cannabis. “We can now facilitate the controlled release of active agents quicker and with a greater bioavailability than more conventional methods of cannabinoid administration. With this patent filing we are further fortifying our competitive advantage.”

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The global market opportunity for Cannabis is rapidly growing,and projected to reach over $30 billion according to recent studies. The need for safer and more effective routes of administration remains unmet. The Company believes its technology is well positioned to help solve this problem and intends to seek commercialization partners for the eluting patch technology in the United States and globally. The Greater Cannabis Company’s technology is protected by multiple global issued patents under its license with Pharmedica, an Israeli-based biopharmaceutical company. The Company intends to submit additional patent applications, which are currently in process.

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