Trump Tuesday: Toilet paper won't let go of Trump's shoe as he boards Air Force One

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Admit it, it's happened to you.

You use the bathroom, (hopefully) wash your hands and walk out the door, oblivious to the absorbent square of white that's appended itself to the bottom of your shoe. The longer the toilet paper and thicker the ply, the more embarrassing the situation.

Presumably, this hasn't occurred while you were boarding Air Force One before a gaggle of onlookers -- including the press. Such was the fate of President Donald Trump in Minneapolis on Thursday.

As he climbed the steps to the plane, a noticeable length of what appeared to be toilet tissue (or possibly a napkin) clung to his left shoe. As he turned, waved and entered the fuselage, the paper fell off.

Four other men were seen boarding Air Force One after the president, the last of whom picked up the unnoticed tissue.

Twitter overflowed with jokes following the incident:

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