Cannabis company launches opioid alternative in California

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Garden Grove, USA-based cannabis firm C3 International has launched a new product, Idrasil, in the US state of California. The firm says Idrasil is “the first standardized form of medical cannabis,” offering “all of the medicinal analgesic and therapeutic benefits” of the plant.

In the context of the ongoing opioid epidemic in the USA, the firm hopes to profit from physicians eager to provide patients with safe, non-addictive analgesics.

Idrasil is manufactured in a US Food and Drug Administration-compliant facility and is categorized by the regulator as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS), enabling the company to market and sell the product. It is available in California under the state’s medical marijuana statutes.

The firm says it may be prescribed for a wide range of indications, including any condition with chronic or persistent medical symptoms that “substantially limit major life activities,” as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Chief executive Steele Clarke Smith III said: “Smoking and edible confections can vary greatly from plant to plant and batch to batch, which results in inconsistency and can lead to irregular analgesic or therapeutic results.”

“With Idrasil we have introduced quality of life in a tablet that provides the same standard and consistent results dose to dose.”

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