Cannabis will soon be grown in space to study effects of microgravity and benefits of medicinal use of marijuana

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Scientists have been studying cannabis and learning the medical use of marijuana for some years now. While the medical application of marijuana is making legal in other countries another angle of studying on marijuana being available in the outer space.

Now that there are constant efforts to study how will human live and survive if the times comes to move to outer space, there are experiments conducted to grow some plants in space too. But now weed is all set to go in space and study the effects of zero gravity on cannabis cultivation.

Space Tango, a startup based in Lexington is making a microwave-sized box, which will provide an environment to perform experiments on marijuana and study the results. In the International Space Station, there is not a very vast environment and every inch of space is important. But with the help of Space Tango’s “CubeLab” modules, containers will be made to make an environment to cultivate in zero gravity. 

This small module will keep scientific standards in mind and device transparent boxes which will not allow any outside contaminants. So scientists will be allowed to conduct experiments in microgravity without worrying about the space.

While some scientists have been using it to grow crops in the space environment, this startup will help in the research of growing cannabis in zero gravity. Space Tango has two micro-labs on board the ISS.

This will also help in studying how hemp is cultivated for its medical use. The company also has its own subsidiary to research on the effect of microgravity on the plant and can it be a better place to cultivate them. Plants will adapt differently without the presence of gravity and the medical compounds thus could be more beneficial.

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