Canada: THC completes first shipment of adult-use recreational cannabis to the province of British Columbia

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THC BioMed Intl Ltd. recently announced its first shipment of cannabis to the province of British Columbia.

The high-grade Landrace strains have been selected for the recreational market and is expected to deliver the desired experience without the debilitating side effects commonly associated with cannabis. The company’s Landrace Strains will offer recreational adult users a product that is potent and consistent in its quality and effects.

The brand names will be THC Sativa (Landrace Strain), THC Indica (Landrace Strain), THC Hybrid (Landrace Strain), and THC CBD (Landrace Strain). These varieties will be available in Dried Bud, Cannabis oil and pre-rolled joints. The company is currently working on having a cannabis beverage, THC Kiss, approved for release.

THC BioMed products will be available in British Columbia and Ontario initially and have a pending supply agreement with a Saskatoon retailer.

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