President of leading cannabis supply company GGS Structures Inc. invited to speak at Canadian Parliament on impact of tariffs

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Vineland, Oct 2, 2018 – President of GGS Structures Inc. Leigh Coulter spoke to the parliamentary Standing Committee on International Trade concerning the impact of tariffs on businesses, companies and workers.

The committee is conducting a study on how tariffs are affecting Canadian businesses and asked Coulter to act as a witness to explain how recent tariffs have affected GGS and other steel and aluminum purchasers, as well as to recommend alternative measures. Spokespersons from Essar Steel Algoma Inc. and Tenaris also addressed the committee following Coulter’s presentation.

As a leading supplier to the legal cannabis industry and greenhouse industry that exports globally with 50 per cent of its sales in the US, Coulter understands that free trade helps business.

GGS was established in 1979 as a full service greenhouse manufacturer and has remained a leader in commercial horticulture supply. Coulter established the cannabis division of the company in 2013, supplying some of the largest marijuana growing facilities in the world. As growers navigate strict laws and regulations, GGS has been able to leverage their international relationships to help cannabis growers wherever they are. 

“If steel prices continue to climb, so too does the cost for the customers purchasing greenhouse structures, dairy barns and storage buildings,” Coulter said. “This could force customers to raise the price of their goods which will impact everyday consumers who continue to see a climbing food bill.”

Due to strong domestic relationships and a low Canadian dollar, GGS has continues to purchase a majority of its steel and aluminum extrusions from Canadian manufacturers so GGS has not seen a major impact from steel and aluminum tariffs, but other suppliers with US supply chains did see increases over the summer.

“We need to work toward a good trade agreement that everyone will benefit from,” Coulter said. “With the new USMCA agreement, I understand that the steel and aluminum tariffs will remain in place for the moment which is having a major impact on a lot of businesses.”

Coulter and GGS believes that Canada and the US remain strong partners and free trade between the two countries benefits everyone on both sides of the border.

“Going forward I would like our government to work diligently to remove the tariffs, and under no circumstances should they be expanded to global supply,” Coulter told the committee.  

About Leigh Coulter

Leigh Coulter is the President of GGS Structures Inc. a leading greenhouse manufacturer with worldwide sales. Leigh holds a degree in business from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario and is regularly asked to speak at events regarding manufacturing and business development. She has always recognized the importance of international trade in business.

About GGS Structures Inc.

GGS Structures is Canada‘s leading manufacturer in cannabis greenhouse & indoor cannabis grow systems. The GGS cannabis division focuses on providing smart agricultural technology geared to increasing production yield and consistent quality of medical grade cannabis.

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