Trump Tuesday: Jimmy Fallon’s Trump doesn’t like mean names, makes an exception

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Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump doesn’t like mean names, but for Fear author Bob Four-Eyed No-Talent Soup-Breath Woodward, he’ll make an exception. Fallon-Trump addressed the nation last night to dispute the allegations in Woodward’s bombshell Fear, taking time to note that he’s usually not so thin-skinned about things.

“Firstly, addressing criticism is very out of character for me,” said NBC’s Tonight Show host. “It really is, because I’m usually very thick-skinned and I’m not easily offended.” And, in true Richard “I Am Not A Crook” Nixon style, Fallon’s raccoon-eyed Trump declares, “I am not an idiot.”

But there’s one Woodward allegation he doesn’t dispute. “He also said I called Rudy Giuliani a terrible lawyer and that he’s a baby that needs his diaper changed. “That part is true.” 

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