Canadian police could be allowed to consume cannabis during off-hours

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If the newly published cannabis regulations for the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) are any indication of what things will look like for other police agencies across Canada, then off-duty officers will be allowed to consume cannabis just like they can enjoy an alcoholic beverage in their spare time once recreational marijuana becomes legal on October 17., writes Calvin Hughes 

"Training around the VPD's impairment at the workplace policy will contain information on the latest research on the use of cannabis," Constable Jason Doucette told Vancouver Sun. "We want to provide our officers with the latest information so they can make an informed decision when it comes to cannabis use and being fit for duty."

And while the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) - Canada's national police - has yet to finalize their cannabis regulations, early reports suggest their regulations will be similar to the VPD's guidelines.

“Once finalized, the policy will provide direction to employees and their supervisors surrounding work standards on the non-medicinal use of cannabis," RCMP Sargent Marie Damian said in a statement. "All RCMP officers must be fit for duty when reporting for work, which includes not being impaired by alcohol or any other type of drug."

Allowing off-duty officers to consume recreational cannabis in Canada would be quite a departure from the rules in America, where police are barred from smoking up - even in legal states as departments still defer to federal law, which strictly prohibits all cannabis use.

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