What will recreational cannabis look like in Michigan?

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Michigan voters will decide on November 6 whether or not recreational cannabis will be legal. Currently, observers from both the Republican and Democratic side expect the measure to pass.

In order to get recreational cannabis on the ballot, 252,523 valid signatures were required. This was surpassed with more than 277,300 valid signatures confirmed in April.

But what will recreational cannabis look like in Michigan if the vote passes?

Michigan’s Marijuana Legalization Initiative, otherwise referred to as Proposal 1, would allow adults aged 21 and older to possess and purchase cannabis.

Mark Clark, an attorney in Northern Michigan who specializes in cannabis at Traverse Legal in Traverse City, believes that the recreational market won’t look very different from when medical marijuana was legal before the state cracked down on dispensaries.

Clark so believes that most of the businesses who currently sell medical marijuana products will switch to recreational cannabis. He also said expects that when recreational cannabis is made legal in Northern Michigan that some localities will embrace the change, allowing for production and sales while other localities will ban or limit sales and use of the plant within their jurisdiction.

“We’re really to the point where education is going to convince the majority of the people that there aren’t harmful side effects that the critics have claimed,” said Clark.

The retail sales of cannabis will have a 10 percent excise tax which will be largely disbursed to local governments as well as Michigan’s kindergarten-through-12th-grade-education system. Residents will be allowed to grow up to 12 plants in their own home if their local government allows it.

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