Ohio’s medical marijuana program still facing delays

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Ohio’s medical cannabis program went into effect on September 8, 2016 and two years later, patients still don’t have access to marijuana. Ohio residents were supposed to have access to medical marijuana last week.

The September 8th deadline that was written into law has been delayed while the state ensures a properly regulated medical cannabis industry.

One of the reasons that rolling out medical cannabis in Ohio has been such a lengthy process is because so few cultivators have been given the green light to start growing. There are 26 businesses in Ohio that have been chosen to cultivate but only four have passed the inspection and we allowed to grow this summer.

Other reasons the program has been delayed are attributed to delays with local permits, real estate closing delays, and delays with ordering equipment. The registry of caregivers and medical cannabis patients that was supposed to be running this month has also been delayed.

It’s expected that medical marijuana will not be available in Ohio until the end of the year at the earliest.

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