Sask Polytech looks to provide cannabis education

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The cannabis industry is about to light up in Canada and Saskatchewan Polytechnic foresees a growing demand for a major in marijuana.

“We are working on new programming that would offer students an education in both the retail sales side and production or cultivation of cannabis,” Anne Neufeld, provost and academic vice-president for the school, said.

There are already several post secondary institutions across Canada that offer cannabis programming, specifically for commercial production and cultivation of medicinal marijuana.

“We recognize that we can take that programming and leverage it,” Neufeld said. “So, we’re looking at the retail side of things and making sure all the legislative requirements would be understood and quality assurance steps are taken in addition to the production side of things.”

The developmental work of the cannabis education programming is part of the school’s multi-year business plan and won’t likely be launched until the 2020 school year.

“The labour market requirements triggered by the legalization of cannabis may have an impact on when the programming launches,” Neufeld added.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic already offers courses that would support the cannabis programming including bioscience technology, environmental engineering, pharmacy technician and integrated resource management.

“It just seems like a good fit for us,” she said.

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