DTI looking into benefits of cannabis products for SA economy

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CAPE TOWN - Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies says his department has undertaken research to try to better understand the benefits of cannabis products for the South African economy.

Davies says DTI recognises the potential value to be derived from commercial value chains of cannabis and related products like oil and hemp.

The research seeks to understand, from an industrial policy perspective, the obstacles and opportunities for South Africa to become an active and innovative player in this growing market.

In a written parliamentary reply, Davies says the research will focus on opportunities related to the development of cosmetic and healthcare products such as balms and creams.

His spokesperson Sidwell Medupi says they will also engage with other relevant departments.

“We are also going to engage with the other departments such as the Department of Health.”

The outcomes of the study will determine a way forward in terms of industrialising the sector in South Africa.

Once the study has been concluded, Davies will engage the Ministers of Health and Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

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