38 Ohio doctors approved in August to recommend medical marijuana

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Ohio has 38 more physicians that are certified to recommend cannabis to patients.

There are currently 222 physicians in Ohio with active certificates who can recommend medical cannabis to patients with one of 21 different medical conditions, but this is still not enough to treat the estimated 200,000 patients that experts believe will need access.

State regulators believe that physicians will sign on to be certified as the medical cannabis program grows in the state.

Patients can find certified physicians in a database on Cleveland.com. the database is updated monthly as doctors are approved and certified by the medical board.

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Physicians wishing to participate in the program are required to hold an active, unrestricted MD or DO license from the Ohio State Medical Board in addition to completing credits about medical cannabis and the state’s qualifying conditions.

 Patients must register for the medical program through physicians who have to sign off on the following requirements: 

  • The doctor has a bona fide relationship with the patient,  
  • The patient has a qualifying condition,  
  • The doctor has discussed the pros and cons of marijuana use and has reviewed the patient's history in the state's controlled substances database. 

The Ohio patient registry was supposed to go live in July but because cannabis now won’t be available until September, it has been put on hold.

There have been 26 businesses chosen to cultivate medical cannabis for Ohio and so far three have passes their final inspections and can begin growing cannabis.

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