From Blackmarket to Business-Ready: How Cannabis License Holders Found a Software Solution with GrowFlow

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Seattle, WA ­ July 24, 2018 – Every state that ‘goes recreational’ implements a state­-mandated inventory tracking system. In doing this successfully, they eliminate the blackmarket and create added revenue. Inventory tracking and state reporting systems are methods by which states can properly monitor and collect taxes associated to cannabis transactions, and fulfill their promise to the taxpaying public that they will see rewards ultimately through public improvements.

The state’s inventory management systems typically require a high level of data entry and a provide a lower level of end­user customer support. This is where third­-party traceability software systems come into play, and where GrowFlow has quickly come into the spotlight as a leader in this space.

GrowFlow has quickly become the preferred traceability software for growers and manufacturers in the state of Washington, with over 1⁄3 of licensees signed on. Their CEO, Rufus Casey, explains that the early success of the company was built on listening to the producers and processors’ needs. “You could hear the emotion and stress in their voices,” when recalling early customer research conversations. Casey was one of the first license holders and GrowFlow became his response to those workflow challenges. “It has evolved into the platform it is today by using the feedback from hundreds of license holders.” The GrowFlow team created an easy­-to­-use platform that speaks to the complex and unique challenges of dealing with the cannabis plant and byproducts.

GrowFlow helps simplify operations for the heavily­-regulated industry by providing automated solutions that include: a live menu of sellable goods, invoices that sync to popular accounting systems, and dynamically­-generated labels with state­-required information. The software is web­-based, with conveniences such as allowing users to communicate to GrowFlow support staff through an in­-app chat. Casey and his team have set their intention on making their solution available to licensees in other states because of the need, and demand. “We are now actively attached to Metrc in Nevada,” says Tom Wilson, the CTO and lead engineer at GrowFlow. In California, licensees have not been issued Metrc logins yet. Therefore, GrowFlow has set up a “stand­alone system” which is a platform that they provide with a 30­day free trial with on­-demand support. This service bridges the gap between the state reporting expectations and the workflow that currently exists, given the limited business resources that this industry historically had access to.

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