Beer infused with marijuana will be available in Vegas by mid-August

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It is an industry that is expected to make tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue to the state of Nevada. Now, recreational marijuana customers might have another reason to visit their favorite dispensary.

It's taken the company about 18 months to develop this idea and create a safe product. Their tank farm is located near McCarran Airport and inside the warehouse, employees are cranking out a first-of-its-kind product.

Kevin Love, the company’s founder, says it is a craft beer whose time has come. Non-alcoholic and cannabis-infused, the beer is called “two roots,” and is being produced by Love's company "Cannabaneirs” right here in Las Vegas.

“It truly has zero hangover,” Love said. He calls it a good alternative to marijuana edibles.

“The community is being told ‘chocolate bar, or soda, what do you want?’ They are not being told ‘you have something you are familiar with and lifestyle-integrated,’” said Love.

Love says the company is starting off in Vegas because, with 43 million tourists annually, it only makes sense.

“We wanted to start in this market where people would adopt the product a lot more easily,” Love said. “[We] fit in culturally with a product like this.”

It has been just over a year since recreational marijuana sales kicked off in the valley. Love believes cannabis beer simply offers another choice for customers. It is $5 a can.

Along with beer, the company is also producing cannabis-infused tea. Look for their products to hit dispensary shelves by mid-August.

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