Yazaki absorption chillers help cannabis cultivators grow green and cut costs

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With cannabis prices steadily declining, increased electricity prices and electrical supply shortages, energy efficient and environmentally friendly systems are more important than ever to a productive grow facility.

In many cases, 50 percent of energy requirements for cultivation facilities are being used for cooling and dehumidification, resulting in incredibly high energy bills and a huge environmental impact.

Growers need to find and implement systems that are both energy efficient and cost-effective. That’s where a Yazaki absorption chiller can benefit cultivators in commercial facilities. 

With over 100,000 units currently installed worldwide, Yazaki absorption chillers are being used in facilities such as hotels, hospitals, educational institutions and food storage facilities all over the world. With low operational costs and very low maintenance, it’s no surprise that these units have made their way into the cannabis space.

A 100-ton Yazaki water-fired chiller uses less than three amps, ensuring that energy is being maximized within the space and promising far less environmental impact than other cooling systems.

The system takes the waste heat from a combined heat and power (CHP) system to generate chilled water that can then be used to cool or dehumidify the space.

Yazaki absorption chiller-heaters use a lithium bromide and water solution under a vacuum. Lithium bromide is a non-toxic salt that works as the absorbent, and water is used as the refrigerant, making it a great fit for large waste-heat applications requiring air-conditioning in order to protect the environment and reduce overall energy costs.

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Whereas other types of systems use and can release harmful chemicals, Yazaki’s salt and water system has virtually no negative environmental effect.

 “There are always other industries to be in, and it would be easy to enter those other markets, but we pride ourselves on having a company profile that is in step with society, that is socially and environmentally conscious,” said Yazaki Vice President, Pat Hale.

“Our technology creates a really great opportunity to grow green and to be able to expand on environmentally sound approaches in the growing industry.”

Operating in 51 countries, Hale describes Yazaki as being not only a multicultural company, but also a multi-technical organization that continues to work to find ways to protect the environment while helping their clients save on costs.

Factory run tests on each machine are compulsory at Yazaki before they are sent to the client to make sure everything works properly, something many of their competitors are unable to do which can result in delays in set up, missing parts and faulty systems. Essentially all that’s required with a new Yazaki water-fired absorption chiller is water and power. 

Want to learn more about how your grow facility will benefit from a Yazaki absorption Chiller? Join Yazaki in their hospitality suite during the NCIA Business Summit in San Jose from July 25 to July 27. Reserve your spot here!

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