Canada: Delta 9 announces four cannabis retail locations in Manitoba for 2018

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Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. is pleased to announce the planned locations for its first cannabis retail stores. Delta 9 intends to open two stores in Winnipeg, one in Brandon and one in Thompson before the end of the year. At least one of the Winnipeg stores is expected to be open on October 17, 2018, which is the date that has been announced as the first day for legal retail sales of cannabis. The Company's online sales portal will also be operating on that date.

Delta 9 CEO John Arbuthnot explained why the Company is opening stores in smaller cities and towns. "We share the provincial government's desire to provide access to recreational cannabis in different regions of the province. As a Manitoba-based company, we are very conscious of the fact we bear an additional responsibility to smaller Manitoba communities. Geographic distribution of cannabis stores is an important factor in moving cannabis sales away from the black market and we in turn have made that one of our key goals for this year."

Delta 9 has not yet released the addresses or exact locations of their upcoming retail outlets, but Arbuthnot says all are located in tier one commercial real estate spaces. All locations are in areas suited to commercial and retail activity, and all are in areas with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic. "We're very happy with the locations we've acquired thus far," Arbuthnot says. "I expect all of these sites will perform very well."

Construction has already begun on one location in Winnipeg, where the 3,000 foot space has been gutted to the bare studs in preparation for the design of a Delta 9 "Signature Store". A second location is already close to being ready for retail sales, while the outlets in Thompson and Brandon are still in the design phase. Arbuthnot says the number of stores to be opened in 2019 will depend on the retail allotments issued by the Manitoba government to existing and new retailers.

"We're confident we can build out to the maximum allotment of retail outlets next year, whatever number that may be," Arbuthnot said. "We have the capital set aside, our branding and design elements are in place, and we're excited to start moving into the era of post-prohibition cannabis sales."

Delta 9 currently has one clinic operating in Winnipeg. The clinic is dedicated to helping cannabis patients get a prescription if needed. The clinic will remain open and functioning until patients in Canada have better access to doctors who are educated in cannabis treatment protocols.

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