Proposed Oklahoma medical marijuana rules ban indoor smoking, THC-laced gummy bears, outdoor growing

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A few things would be banned under proposed rules to regulate medical marijuana in Oklahoma, including dispensaries near schools, indoor smoking and psychoactive gummy bears.

Oklahomans will vote Tuesday on State Question 788, which would legalize medical marijuana. Opponents have argued it represents a backdoor effort to allow recreational marijuana use, because it doesn't lay out specific health conditions marijuana could treat and has relatively generous limits on the amounts patients could possess.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health began circulating draft rules last week to regulate medical marijuana licenses for patients, caregivers and businesses. The Board of Health won't vote to finalize them until July 10, assuming voters approve the ballot question, said Tony Sellars, spokesman for the Health Department. Gov. Mary Fallin would then have 45 days to either approve or reject the emergency rules.

The rules lay out guidance for doctors interested in recommending marijuana, patients who want to use it and businesses looking to grow, process, or sell it:


Patients younger than 18 would need two physicians who don't work together to sign off on a medical marijuana recommendation. Those young patients aren't allowed to use forms of marijuana that you smoke or inhale.

Licenses would last for two years, though teen patients' licenses could expire in less than two years if they turn 18 first. Patients can apply to renew licenses.

Patients wouldn't be allowed to smoke or vape medical marijuana in any place where smoking tobacco is illegal, and would be forbidden from doing so in the presence of anyone under 18.

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