International Endeavors Offers Equipment to Licensed Marijuana Growers

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International Endeavors Corporation (OTC:IDVV) offers an innovative cooperative program for licensed marijuana growers to make use of the Off Grid Grow Laboratory (OGGL) that was invented by the company.

The cooperative growing program using the OGGL allows marijuana growers to rapidly expand operations with no capital investment. Under the new program, called Grow-Ops™, International Endeavors Corporation supplies the OGGL equipment, under a profit-sharing joint venture arrangement with licensed growers. The initial Grow-Ops™ program will start with ten (10) OGGLs on a first-come, first-served basis. This represents about $1.5 million in equipment being placed into service by International Endeavors Corporation under cooperative agreements with licensed growers.

Marketing Director for International Endeavors Corporation, William Vinson, said, "The growers bring the talent and we supply equipment. The Grow-Ops™ program allows licensed growers to rapidly scale-up their operations to meet market demand. Participation by qualified licensed growers allows them to get the equipment that they need right away by pledging profit-sharing from the sale of future harvests. We can only allocate ten units of the OGGL to this innovative program at this time in Nevada and California. However, we hope to have 100 units or more in place in the future to help Canadian growers meet the demand for marijuana and related products in Canada."

About the OGGL: The OGGL is the first purpose-built, self-contained, off-grid growing laboratory. Built in a low-cost shipping container, the OGGL has integrated solar modules and lithium-phosphate batteries coupled with a generator backup to supply uninterrupted power to the grow room. The OGGL has been configured for the three stages of the growing process, which are: vegetative, flowering, and cloning.

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