Canada: The province of Quebec has finalized their cannabis laws

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The government of Quebec has finalized their new cannabis legislation. With the new bill in place, Quebec residents can expect legal cannabis to be available by September, writes Calvin Hughes.

Recreational cannabis has been officially legalized in Canada, and while there is still some back-and-forth to come between the Senate and the House of Commons on the specifics of that that looks like, legal weed is not that far off. In preparation for this, Quebec has passed Bill 157, which will regulate the sale, consumption and possession of cannabis in the province.

Where can I get it?

Legal cannabis will be available in Quebec from one of the government-run stores, called the Société québecoise du cannabis, or SAQ. The government intends on opening 20 stores over the course of the first year—4 of which will be located in Montreal—and more will follow.

Individuals must be 18 years of age to purchase cannabis. This is the same age restriction for liquor purchases in Quebec.

How much can I have?

You will be able to carry up to 30 grams at any time and keep 150 grams maximum in your home. As previously noted, Quebec intends to ban home cultivation, so you'll need to buy all your stuff from the SAQ. Currently, the province's ability to ban home cultivation is being debated between the House and the Senate, and this section of the bill may change.

Where can I smoke it?

Smoking weed in Quebec will actually be pretty easy. Consumers will be able to smoke marijuana in all the same places that they can smoke cigarettes. That means you'll have to be outside, or in your own home. Plans for cannabis cafés have yet to be announced.

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