3 Things to know about the Massachusetts edibles market

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Almost two years after Massachusetts legalized marijuana, the government announced that weed will be available July 1. However, as Green Rush Daily reports, the date is rather “optimistic” because the Cannabis Control Commission has yet to issue recreational licenses.

But, hey, more time to plan your edibles crawl, right? Here’s what to expect from the state’s burgeoning edibles market once dispensaries open starting July 1, according to Green Rush Daily:

Where To Buy

Medical dispensaries are your best bet, since they have been planning for this day for quite awhile. As Eddie Benjamin, Director of Innovation for New England Treatment Access (NETA , explained to Green Rush Daily, “We have been developing our adult use product line for some time now.”

Dozens of dispensaries have already applied for licenses since June 1, when the Cannabis Control Board started accepting them.

What’s Legal

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According to GRD, the CCC has set a limit of 5 mg THC per dose, which is lower than the 10 mg California and Colorado allow. But that doesn’t mean that a bag of edibles can’t contain several doses. Medical marijuana patients can buy edibles at cost, but recreational users have to pay a 20 percent tax, says GRD.

What To Buy 

Homemade treats like Belgian dark chocolate and caramels will be available at NETA in Northhampton and Brookline. Benjamin told Green Rush Daily that they plan to release a Belgian dark chocolate bar, caramels, lozenges and two types of fruit chews for adult use. Says GRD:

All their products are made with marijuana distillate. “For adult use, we are using the distillate, which is incredibly high purity and incredibly high potency,” Benjamin explained.  “We can use a very little amount of what is essentially tasteless oil and bring out the natural flavors of the chocolates or the other ingredients.”

Ermont, an innovative Quincy-based marijuana dispensary, also makes a variety of infused deserts. These range from granola bars to oreo cookie pie to ginger molasses cookies. They also specialize in liquid edibles, in the forms of honey, maple syrup, peanut butter and other spreads.

Ermont also makes a savory THC-infused olive oil, coconut old and tomato sauce. Last year, they offered a limited-edition pizza.

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