TruTag Technologies targets marijuana market

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Product authentication and brand security company TruTag Technologies has its sights set on the marijuana market after entering into a new partnership with Tag-it Tech Inc..

Hawaii-based TruTag said it will merge its “edible barcode” technology platform with Seattle-based Tag-it Tech’s blockchain-based tracking system to offer regulators and producers the ability to “safeguard the cannabis supply chain.”

“Blockchain innovation offers producers, regulators and dispensers a novel means of information-sharing in the supply chain,” Paul Schutt, CEO and co-founder of Tag-it Tech, said in a statement. “However, blockchain systems still require a secure link between the physical and digital world. TruTag’s micro-taggant technology is perfect in this respect – providing a covert means of directly tagging cannabis products and their edible derivatives.”

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TruTag, which is headquartered in Kapolei, produces ingestible optimal memory devices designed to integrate information into a product independent of packaging and labels.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Tag-it Tech on this initiative in a growing industry where supply chain control and regulatory compliance are critical,” TruTag Technologies CEO Michael Bartholomeusz said in a statement.

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