Trump Tuesday: Donald Trump memes and jokes: Funniest internet reactions to US President's 'bizarre and embarrassing' meeting with Emmanuel Macron

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As Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron met at the Oval Officeto discuss such pressing issues as trade, Syria and the Iran nuclear deal, social media picked up on the sometimes bizarre spectacle. 

Surreal photo opps abounded, with the two leaders planting a tree, kissing each other's cheeks and - perhaps most strangely - Mr Trump brushing his counterpart down "for dandruff". 

Viewers were shocked when the US president began vigorously wiping Mr Macron's shoulders in front of a crowd of reporters, yelling: "We have a special relationship.

"In fact...I'll get that little piece of dandruff off...we have to make him perfect...he is perfect." 

Twitter user @Pellet48 wrote: "Did Trump just make a very public display and announcement of brushing dandruff from President Macron’s shoulder?

"Good Lord! He has no class, I know, but how about common polite behaviour?"

Another branded the dandruff move an "overly blatant dominance play by an insecure man". 

Later, in a show of goodwill, Mr Macron brought with him a tree to be planted on the White House's south lawn, originating in the Belleau Wood where US Marines died protecting France in 1918.

But photos of Trump and Macron planting the sapling, watched on by their wives, drew mixed reactions. 

Twitter user Jeff Meltz said: "Melania's hand makes this a true Renaissance painting candidate."  

Jonathan Page wrote: "A funny scene on the White House lawn: Trump, Melania, Emmanuel Macron, and his wife Brigitte - each in their own worlds."

Meanwhile Yan³is implied the French president might help Melania Trump bury her husband, captioning a close up of the pair "Don't worry Melania, no one will think of looking in the north lawn". 

The two leaders pledged on Tuesday to try to resolve US-European differences on Iran but Mr Trump gave no clear signal about whether he would carry out a threat to abandon an international nuclear deal with Tehran.

After lengthy talks at the White House, Macron told a joint news conference with Trump that they had discussed "a new deal" that would strengthen the 2015 accord along the lines Trump wants, such as by addressing Iran's expansion in the Middle East and its ballistic missile program.

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