Canada: Aurora Cannabis gains rights to orally dissolvable thin film wafer technology

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Aurora Cannabis Inc., CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. and CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc., announced today that further to the CanniMed/CTT news release of February 17, 2017, the companies have entered into a three-way agreement that provides Aurora, through its ownership of CanniMed, with joint exclusivity on the distribution in Canada of CTT's novel, patented drug delivery technologies.

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This collaboration includes the licensing by CTT to CanniMed and Aurora of six patents related to cannabinoid delivery for pain management that will enable CanniMed and Aurora to exclusively develop and commercialize this unique, sub-lingual (beneath the tongue) wafer, drug delivery system in Canada.

Orally Dissolvable Thin Film ("ODF") Wafers are a proprietary drug delivery mechanism in the form of paper-thin polymer films used as carriers for pharmaceutical agents, with the following benefits:

  • ODF Wafer is taken orally but does not require water or swallowing
  • ODF Wafers dissolve quickly in the oral cavity (5-15 seconds), with the active ingredient rapidly absorbed and diffused for direct access to the bloodstream.
  • The active ingredient, once absorbed, can bypass the liver's first-pass effect, improving therapeutic outcomes and efficacy through improved bioavailability and facilitates excellent patient compliance.
  • ODF Wafers are suitable for a wide range of patients, including for geriatric and pediatric patients who experience difficulty swallowing.

The companies are currently working together toward obtaining Health Canada approval prior to marketing and distributing the sub-lingual wafer.

"Aurora is rapidly developing new product forms and delivery technologies, to provide our Canadian and international patients with a wide range of convenient, reliable and effective means of using medical cannabis," stated Terry Booth, CEO of Aurora. "We believe that a significant segment of the medical cannabis market remains untapped, as it requires novel drug delivery technologies such as these to address as yet unmet needs. Through our acquisition of CanniMed, we are now able to accelerate growth of both companies by combining improved access to medical innovations and our well-developed domestic and international distribution channels."

Dr. Pankaj Modi, CEO of CTT Pharma, added, "We are excited about the growth potential that our exclusive Canadian partnership with CanniMed and Aurora offers. Their large and rapidly growing patient base, both in Canada and around the world represent a significant distribution opportunity for our sub-lingual wafer technology, and with the establishment of CanniMed as the heart of Aurora's Medical Cannabis Centre of Excellence, we anticipate that Aurora's proven track record of execution will accelerate market development for our products."

Aurora is accelerating a number of strategic initiatives, including the key objective of marketing and developing new, high margin, standardized dosage forms including the oral wafer technology licensed by CanniMed from CTT Pharmaceuticals. 

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