These are the 5 best U.S. marijuana stocks to keep an eye on

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As marijuana stocks wait for Canada to legalize, the pressure begins to mount on U.S. pot stocks. With former Republican House Speaker John Boehner joining the board of Acreage Holdings’ weed stocks may have hope yet.

Derek Peterson, CEO of Terra Tech Corp. – the first cannabis stock on the list below –believes Boehner’s move could be “a strong indicator of the political and social winds blowing in favor of legalization.”

The political winds are shifting, and marijuana stocks in the U.S. may yet soar in due time. A few pot stocks in the United States may still be poised for success. These Are The 5 Best U.S. Marijuana Stocks To Buy Right Now:

Terra Tech Corp.

Since opening their Blum dispensary in Oakland in 2016, Terra Tech Corp. (OTCMKTS:TRTC) is steadily establishing themselves as a prominent retail cannabis company and American marijuana stock to buy. One of the few built and based right here in America, they secured $40 million in financing that will to fund their cultivation moves across the country.

They are a smart pick for any cannabis stock investor to keep on their radar. Terra Tech is one of the few companies hoping to dominate the California cannabis market, according to Seeking Alpha.

Terra Tech included their extensive expansion plans in their 2017 financial results. New facilities are underway in California, Nevada, and New Jersey. Their new cultivation facility in San Leandro, California will open later this year, putting Terra Tech in a position to produce up to 20,000 pounds of marijuana annually. And that is just in California alone.

As Terra Tech creates more space to grow and cultivate, they are also creating more room for fiscal growth. The company introduced a 1:15 reverse split last month in order to increase their trading price, all in anticipation of an inevitable listing on a major stock exchange. Right now, Terra Tech boasts a market cap of $11 million, making them a weed stock to watch.

Kush Bottles

Another California cannabis stock that is diversifying their reach is Kush Bottles(OTCQB:KSHB). What started as a packaging company could almost be considered a fully-fledged cannabis technology corporation. This marijuana stock’s most recent acquisition speaks volumes to their potential.

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Kush announced a deal with Summit Innovations, a Colorado-based hydrocarbon energy company, at the beginning of April. Hydrocarbons like butane and propane are used in the oil extraction process, and cannabis oils are becoming the most popular way to consume pot. Summit will become a subsidiary of Kush Bottles when the agreement officially closes on May 1st.

Kush Bottles isn’t the only American company cashing in on the cannabis ancillary market, but their niche focus on wholesale cannabis retailers makes them one of the most competitive pots stocks to watch on this list.

Medical Marijuana Inc.

PotNetwork reported on Medical Marijuana Inc.’s (OTC: MJNA) stock performance earlier this month. This California cannabis stock’s record-breaking finances inspired has some calling them a pot stock pioneer. PotNetwork showcased their CBD research in Brazil as well as their reputation as the first publicly listed marijuana stock.

Medical Marijuana and their subsidiary HempMeds will sponsor the 2018 World Medical Cannabis Expo in Pittsburgh this weekend (April 12-14). Company CEO Stuart Titus is a featured speaker on a panel introducing attendees to the health benefits of CBD oil. The company’s PR firm will also be hosting their second annual Children & Cannabis panel over the weekend.

Medical Marijuana Inc.’s dedication to CBD research puts them on our list of American cannabis stocks to watch.

Friday Night Inc.

Las Vegas native Friday Night Inc. (OTCQB: TGIFF) announced their second quarter financials recently. They finished with a net profit of over $1.5 million. Sales in the United States alone totaled $5.4 million.

More recently, Friday Night’s subsidiary Canna Hemp signed a licensing agreement with Grizzly Griptape, an athletics company owned by professional skater Torey Pudwill. The year-long agreement marks Friday Night Inc. as one of the first marijuana stocks to team up with a professional athlete.

Keep an eye on Friday Night. This pot stock knows their market and are catering to them directly with an array of cannabis wellness products. Canna Hemp will be distributing their athletic CBD Recovery Cream through Grizzly with an online pre-sale starting April 20th.

Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

Last but not least, Scotts Miracle Gro (NYSE:SMG) should already be on every marijuana stock investor’s radar. They are one of the few companies to have their hands in the proverbial weed cookie jar and still be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Scotts experience in horticulture and hydroponics sets them apart from other cannabis stocks.

Scotts jumped into the cannabis stock market early, connecting with other soil and fertilizer companies that cater specifically to marijuana growers as early as 2015. Last year’s financial results showcased their acquiring of more than ten cannabis companies over the past year.

This included a seventy-five percent ownership of Gativa, a Dutch indoor lighting company for hydroponics, and the purchase of California’s General Hydroponics company for a hefty $130 million.

Scotts Miracle Gro is already known as an American household name, giving them a leg up in the weed stock market. According to The Motley Fool, Scott’s approach is the least risky, making them one of the best pot stocks on the market. Scott’s is currently trading on average at $80 per share.

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