fbpx South Carolina one step closer to legalizing medical marijuana

South Carolina one step closer to legalizing medical marijuana

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Medical marijuana could become legal in South Carolina.

Thursday, a senate sub-committee passed a bill that would allow the legalization of marijuana for critically ill patients.

After years of debate, for the first time ever, the bill is headed to the Senate floor but has a slim chance of passing this year.

The session ends on May 10, lawmakers still have to settle on a state budget and debate on hundreds of pending bills on the senate floor.

Despite the challenges of time, some voters say they are looking forward to the bill passing.

“I think it’s a good idea because it’ll be helping out people with cancer and certain diseases.”

Meanwhile, lawmakers such as Rep. Todd Rutherford, thinks the bill would help boost the state’s finances.

“The state can benefit from the tax revenue,” said Rep. Rutherford.

The bill is also being met with great opposition.

In past hearings, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Chief Mark Keel told lawmakers medical marijuana could create potential for a “black market” for resale.

Across state lines in North Carolina, the medical marijuana bill has failed the past 10 years-- but a recent poll shows North Carolinians are in favor of the law.

According to the Elon University survey, 80 percent of those asked approve of legalizing medical marijuana.

However, among those same voters, 51 percent say they oppose legalizing recreational marijuana.

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