Friday Funny: The most 'Canadian' diagram of cannabis grow area

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Canadians don’t all live in igloos and they don’t all ride polar bears to work, but a standard sized hockey rink is a perfectly valid unit of measurement.

At least this is true according to the report released by the Government of Canada on the Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis.

The report details the feedback given following a 60-day public consultation launched by Health Canada for proposed regulations for legal marijuana in the country.

Section 2.3 outlines the proposed thresholds for micro-cultivation and micro-processing so that small producers can also participate in the country’s legal industry.

Based on the feedback, it’s proposed that a micro-cultivation license would authorize the cultivation of a plant canopy no more than 200 square meters (2,150 square feet), but for easier understanding, the government included figure 1 below!

A hockey rink really puts things into perspective, eh?

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