Announcement: Canadian cannabis legalization imminent following last minute vote

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Thursday evening was a very promising night for the Canadian cannabis industry and advocates all over the country as the Senate officially approved in principle bill C-45 that will make recreational marijuana legal across the country.

As Canada quickly ramps up toward legalization, we at 420 Intel have a very exciting announcement to make: the launch date of 420 Intel Canada!

420 Intel Canada will be a unique Canadian experience that coincides with nationwide legalization as a news site dedicated entirely to the Canadian cannabis industry. We’ll be keeping you updated on:

  • The legalization process at the federal, provincial and local levels
  • Large-scale and craft Canadian marijuana businesses and how they'll work together 
  • How Canada is seizing the global opportunity of leading the growth and development of the medical cannabis sector
  • The ways in which Canada is "thinking beyond the joint" and creating innovative ways to ingest marijuana
  • The Canadian cannabis stock market and which Canadian companies are the best buy
  • How Canadian entrepreneurs are drawing the existing 5 million consumers away from the underground market and into the legal market
  • Cannabis inspired events across the country 

It was a scramble to get travelling senators back to Ottawa for the crucial vote with a memo sent out only late on Wednesday, but fortunately, the bill was passed with a 44-29 vote at second reading, a huge obstacle overcome making legalization that much closer for Canadians. The bill is now headed to five other committees for further study.

Trudeau credits legalization as being a huge part of why his government was elected and cautioned senators not to rival the will of Canadians and their elected government.

“We expect a more independent Senate will do its work, to look at legislation sent by the House of Commons, that they evaluate the positive impacts on the community, that they bring ameliorations, if needed. But it is very clear that this bill responds first to an electoral promise that we made very clearly during the election campaign and for which Canadians voted,” the Prime Minister said hours before the vote following an event in New Brunswick.

Canadian pot companies are already worth billions of dollars with stocks skyrocketing. Companies like Canopy Growth Corp. and Aurora Cannabis are leading the way and with legalization imminent, the Canadian industry will be worth billions more.

With Canadian cannabis already making waves on a global scale, and with one tall hurdle finally overcome at the Senate, the industry is ready to grow, and here at 420 Intel, we’re ready to keep you in the loop as it happens.

The site will officially launch on 4/20 (April 20).

Marijuana industry news is a constant endeavor with new developments each day. For marijuana news across the True North, 420 Intel Canada promises to bring you quality, Canadian news.

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