Vermont: Will you have to give up your guns to legally use marijuana?

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In the state of Vermont there are a lot of things people like the freedom to use, including guns and marijuana.

But could these two things combined come with felony charges? For veterans using a medical marijuana card, could it also spell trouble?

Just last year the state of Vermont added post-traumatic stress disorder to the approved list of medical conditions allowed to be treated by marijuana, but it comes with one big catch.

"A vet has to work outside the VA," Rep. James Masland said.

That's because marijuana is still illegal, according the federal government.

"Our biggest worry is the federal government coming in and cross referencing the medical marijuana cards with firearms owners," Eddie Cutler, from Gun Owners of Vermont, said.

Cutler is worried because a law-abiding gun owner must complete a background check and the use of marijuana will immediately stop you from passing it.

"If you have a medical marijuana card, you cannot purchase a firearm. And if you say no and you have one, you have perjured yourself, and you could be looking at some hefty fines and maybe sometime in the clink," Jim Dattilio, from Dattilio’s Guns & Tackle, said.

“And this even applies to a single bullet," Cuttler said.

It is a conflict between state and federal law Vermont veterans are already concerned about.

"I have customers that have purchased that have been given the medical marijuana cards and they have had to get rid of their firearm," Dattilio said.

"If a person thinks they are going to have their rights taken away--especially firearms, most people in this state love their guns, they are not going to seek treatment. Here is the problem," Cuttler said.

Also, with the recent legalization of pot in Vermont, people who lawfully own a gun and lawfully use marijuana could also face felony charges.

"There are going to be a lot of people that are that are going to be set up for some problems down the road, should they think that they can have both. They have to make the choice," Dattilio said.

People that have owned guns for years will now fall on the wrong side of federal law, even if they are using marijuana legally.

“They are now guilty and can be tried and convicted of a federal crime--perjury. Once that felony violation is in place, they cannot have a firearm for the rest of their lives," Cuttler said.

It is a problem thousands of Vermont gun owners will have to deal with. A problem the federal government must now handle.

“It's up to the federal government to find out who is telling the truth and who is not," Dattilio said.

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